5 Best Mattress Stores in Edmonton

5 Best Mattress Stores in Edmonton

5 Best Mattress Stores in Edmonton, We have found information on the best Mattress stores and would like to share our experience with you, See our rating and rating. Best Mattress in Edmonton.

Edmonton Best Mattress Stores:

The Top Rated Mattress Stores in Edmonton are:
  • Mattress Superstore – The best online store that sells Mattress
  • Luxury for Less Mattress – They do more than any other company, they have The best online store that sells Mattress
  • Edmonton Beds – Good prices and superior quality
  • Leon’s – Best discounts and great choices
  • Mayfield Mattress – Weekly offers and big discounts

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Mattress Superstore


Mattress Superstore is built on a foundation of integrity. Our culture, brand and business strategies are developed in guidance by our core values Around here core values aren’t just words found in a corporate handbook; they act as guidelines for us to conduct our business and personal lives in a way that would make our Parents and Grand Parents proud and have our Children aspire to. Best Mattress in Edmonton. At Mattress Superstore, we believe in the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. It’s part of our culture and is one of the twelve core values that we live by.

We’re so proud to be Edmontonians! We feel privileged to call this beautiful city our home and the place where our kids go to school. As good neighbours we get involved with local efforts to bring people together and create positive change whenever we can. Giving back to our community that supports us, isn’t just the right thing to do…It helps fuel the continued growth and long-term success of our city, province and country.

Products/Services:Sale Mattress, Making Mattress
Address:3915 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6M2
Phone Number:+17804301998
Google Review:15 Google Star

Luxury for Less Mattress

Luxury for Less Mattress

Now that all the millennium-era excitement over memory foam has finally started to trail off, many mattress shoppers are left wondering where they go from here. Enter the Age of Hybrid Mattresses

While hybrid isn’t a term that refers to any particular combination of materials, it’s generally used to categorize any mattress design that combines the advantages of multiple traditional mattress materials to capitalize on the benefits while at the same time wiping out the negatives. The most popular conception of a hybrid mattress, for example, involves the combination of memory foam comfort layers atop a foundation of pocketed coils. 5 Best Mattress Stores in Edmonton. The goal of this design is pretty obvious: it provides the orthopedic relief of memory foam without sacrificing the desirable “springiness” of coils.


Products/Services:Craft Mattress, Selling Mattress
Address:4004 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5W 1A1
Phone Number:+17809182462
Google Review:4 Google Star

Edmonton Beds

Edmonton Beds

Established in 2015, Edmonton Beds & Décor began as a family owned store that primarily served the camp and commercial markets. 5 Best Mattress Stores in Edmonton, In 2019 we decided it was time for us to offer the Buy Online option to our customers and our site launched in February 2019.

When we became a part of the BrandSource family of independent retailers, we moved to serve the retail market with an expanded product selection that currently includes more than 40 mattress models, foundations, adjustable beds, bed frames, bedroom, dining room, and living room furniture, pillows, mattress protectors, as well as GE and Moffat appliances. Best Mattress Stores, Through BrandSource, we have access to mattress models not available to the big box stores that are often better quality than the comparatively priced models you can find at them.

Products/Services:Sale Mattress, Online Store
Address:14715 114 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 2Y8
Phone Number:+17806654606
Google Review:87 Google Star



Founded in 1909 by Ablan Leon, the A. Leon Company started out as a general merchandise store in the small town of Welland in Southern Ontario. Best Mattress Companies in Edmonton Today Leon’s is one of Canada’s largest retailers, selling a wide range of merchandise including furniture, major appliances and home electronics across multiple banners. 5 Best Mattress Stores in Edmonton The company continues to be run by the Leon family and maintains the standards of service, integrity and dedication established by Ablan Leon over 100 years ago. Leon’s Furniture Limited is proud to employ over 10,000 associates within our network of corporate and franchise stores throughout Canada.

At the turn of the century, a young Ablan Leon left his native land to seek his fortune. Best Mattress Stores After a few years of extensive travel throughout South America and the United States, Best Mattress Stores in Edmonton he settled into the small town of Welland in Southern Ontario. The largest town on the Welland Canal was a busy and prosperous one with large ships passing through the canal, connecting Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

Products/Services:Online Store, Sell
Address:13730 140 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6V 1J8
Phone Number:+17804564455
Google Review:1211 Google Star

Mayfield Mattress

Mayfield Mattress

Mayfield Mattress is based in Edmonton Alberta and service all surrounding areas as well as the whole province. Best Mattress Company in Edmonton We carry only the highest quality of mattresses at affordable prices. We offer same day delivery so you don’t need to take the hassle of brining home your new mattress.

Products/Services:Mattress Store, Sell,
Address:16638 109 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 1C2
Phone Number:+17807608484
Google Review:42 Google Star