5 Best Georgian Restaurantsin Toronto, Georgian Near me,

5 Best Georgian Restaurants in Toronto

List of Georgian Restaurants Companies in Toronto, Select Only The Best

List of Georgian Restaurants Companies in Toronto, Select Only The Best

5 Best Georgian Restaurant in Toronto, We have found information on the best Georgian restaurants that operate in Canada in Toronto, see the list of Georgian restaurants where the best restaurants in Canada are located.

Georgian Restaurants:

Top Georgian Restaurants:

  • Tiflisi – Tiflisi is an old Georgian restaurant where delicious khinkali and khachapuri are prepared.
  • Suliko Restaurant – Suliko is really very popular and they prepare delicious Georgian dishes. You can eat only delicious dishes here.
  • Genatsvale Restaurant – Everything is delicious with them, they prepare a very tasty khinkali that you can taste in this place.
  • Chaihana – They have a complete assortment in the Georgian market, they prepare the most delicious Georgian dishes.
  • Pirosmani – They enjoy very tasty khinkali in Batumi. They will remember themselves with their branded khinkali.

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Georgian Restaurant in Toronto

We have been to Georgian restaurants and we want to share our experience with them, I am very, very satisfied! We are so happy that we can not even convey our joy and experience, Georgians have very cool restaurants and very tasty dishes, delicious khinkali and khachapuri which is very cool! Georgian restaurants in Toronto, taste the best dishes with them and be satisfied!

Most importantly they have a delivery service and you can choose any of the restaurants listed below and they will definitely pick you up at the address you want, they have a courier service.

Georgian Restaurant Company in Toronto

Delicious dishes and food, really delicious khinkali, who are Georgians and what restaurants are Georgian in Toronto, we offer the information we found on the 5 best Georgian restaurants that operate in Toronto and offer customers the most delicious dishes, the 5 best Georgian restaurants in Toronto. Offer them Rating and Review.



At Tiflisi, which is a family-owned business, we have spent years collecting the recipes of authentic Georgian Restaurant in Toronto dishes and have combined them all together at one place, in the wonderful Beaches community, to celebrate the culinary diversity of the Georgian regions.

As each guest for us, Georgians, is like a family member, we welcome you to Tiflisi, where you will be served with the most delicious and authentic dishes and where we will make you feel like at home with our amazingly welcoming hospitality.

Customer Reviews

This was my first experience tasting Georgian food and we had an incredible lunch. Great care goes into the preparation of this food and it shows. Everything was delicious and I can’t wait to go back. The pickled vegetables, Georgian salad and Khachapuri are a must try! So many fresh, delicious flavours.

Products/Services:Georgian Restaurant
Address:1970 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1H8
Phone Number:(416) 686-7389
Google Review:301 Google Star

Suliko Restaurant

five Georgian Restaurant in Toronto

Suliko (Georgian: სულიკო), is a Georgian name meaning “soul”.

Soul of Georgia in the heart of Toronto. Suliko Restaurant embraces all the charm of fine Georgian Restaurant in Toronto and European dining and the joys of a truly unique culinary experience We welcome you to join us for lunch and dinner to taste the soul of Georgia at Suliko.

Customer Reviews

Living in Canada for four years, and I finally tried a Georgian restaurant. The food here is fresh and delicious. They have free bread and pickled vegetables, as well as creams and various sauces. The lamb pilaf is the must-order one, authentic and high-quality.

Products/Services:Georgian Restaurant
Address:1311 Alness St #8, Concord, ON L4K 1E8
Phone Number:(905) 760-1989
Google Review:1,602 Google Star

Genatsvale Restaurant

top Georgian Restaurant in Toronto

Genatsvale is a Georgian word, and it’s used in the same way English speakers use Georgian Restaurant in Toronto We’re called Genatsvale because our top priority you, dear! Georgian cuisine is hearty, and often includes spices or nuts. We have many vegetarian options, however our meat kebabs are still the talk of the plaza! All our ingredients are kept fresh, so you won’t ever have to worry about bad food. Come to Genatsvale Georgian Restaurant, and you’ll feel at home with our atmosphere and cuisine!

Customer Reviews

Went there on a Tuesday the food was absolutely amazing! We had hachapuri and khinkali and they were both fresh and tasty. Georgian wine was excellent too! Staff were very friendly and welcoming! Will definitely be coming back!

Products/Services:Georgian Restaurant
Address:1118 Finch Ave W Unit 2, North York, ON M3J 3J4
Phone Number:(416) 907-2200
Google Review:307 Google Star


5 Best Georgian Restaurant in Toronto

First time in Canada, Chaihana is a Restaurant serving authentic Central Asian cuisine from the regions of Georgian Restaurant in Toronto. Located in the heart of Toronto, Chaihana’s mouthwatering homemade dishes, charming ambience and friendly staff will transport you to the oasis of Central Asia.

Chaihana’s menu is full of flavour that will please carnivores as much as it will vegetarians. Our ancient recipes date as far as 2,500 years ago, to the times of Alexander the Great who made his way to the region.

Customer Reviews

Easily the best restaurant I’ve eaten food at in a long time. Incredible service, jaw dropping decor, and honestly the besttttt food I’ve ever had. It was my first time having Uzbek cuisine and it won’t be my last! I’m coming back here with guests and bringing new people here. MUST TRY

Products/Services:Georgian Restaurant
Address:1000 Finch Ave W #122, North York, ON M3J 2V5
Phone Number:(416) 650-1973
Google Review:442 Google Star


Near me Georgian Restaurant in Toronto.

Welcome to Pirosmani! One of the only few restaurants that offer authentic Georgian Cuisine in Toronto. With the mission to bring the authentic Georgian dining experience directly from Georgia to Canada, Pirosmani offers Georgian dishes including hand-made baked goods, meat stews, kebabs platters, as well as unique Georgian Wine, Spirits and Beverages.

Customer Reviews

Great restaurant and all the food was delicious. The staff made sure our party of 14 people were well serviced, all of the dishes were very flavourful, fresh and extremely filling, and the musician that came to perform for the evening did a great job. We’ll be back again.

Products/Services:Georgian Restaurant
Address:913 Alness St, North York, ON M3J 2J1
Phone Number:(416) 739-8944
Google Review:175 Google Star