5 Best Body Piercing Places in Calgary

5 Best Body Piercing Places in Calgary

5 Best Body Piercing Places in Calgary. We have found a list of the companies that make the best piercings in Canada, in particular Calgary, and we would like to share our experience with them, as well as the details and work schedule of all five companies.

Body Piercing Places:

Top 5 Best Body Piercing Places:

  • Strange World Tattoo – Here you can do piercings and tattoos on the upper extremities
  • Immaculate Concept – They do the best piercing in all of Calgary
  • Tribal Expression – The art of piercing them makes them painless
  • Heroes & Villains Tattoo & Piercing – With 25 years of experience and the best experts, piercing them is easy
  • Gypsy Rose Tattoo & Piercing – They are experts in this field and it’s easy for them

You can also see the 5 best:

Strange World Tattoo

Best Body Piercing Places in Calgary


STRANGE WORLD TATTOO is one of the premiere shops in Calgary with an amazing line up of experienced and talented artists. Our artists are recognized on an international level, having won numerous awards at conventions and tattoo festivals across the globe! 5 Best Body Piercing Places in Calgary is professional, friendly and has completed both her cross contamination and blood born pathogens courses.

Strange World Tattoo utilizes the highest standard of sterilization procedures possible. Come visit us to see why we’re Calgary’s choice for all your tattoo and piercing needs. You’ll find us conveniently located in the NW community of Varsity and within walking distance of the Dalhousie c-train station.

Customer Reviews

Perfect experience! Staff is genuinely friendly and welcoming when you come in. Shop is super clean and covid-safe, putting you at ease. Got 3 piercings done by George and she did a phenomenal, super clean and professional job; she was so friendly and conversational as well. Very impressed with the whole experience. Great variety of jewelry and price options available. Would recommend to anyone.

Products/Services:Piercing Service, Tatto Service
Address:5403 Crowchild Trail NW #103, Calgary, AB T3B 4Z1
Phone Number:(403) 282-8181
Google Review:463 Google Star

Immaculate Concept

Top 5 Body Piercing Places in Calgary

Twelve artists working together to create customs designs in one location, Immaculate Concept is well-deserving of this award. Located on 17th Avenue S.W., this tattoo shop boasts high quality service and exceptional artwork for each and every one of their clients. Whether you choose a tattoo or piercing, the artists here live to make your dream become a reality in the form of body art.

You can best support Immaculate Concept by booking your next tattoo or piercing at their shop, Best Piercing Places Near Me  or sharing their social media content if you’re not ready to take the plunge. The studio has implemented important restrictions to keep both customers and their artists healthy, so make sure to read up on their new guidelines prior to visiting the shop.

Customer Reviews

Had my ears (just lobes) pierced by Charissa and she was great! Very friendly service, competitive and fair pricing, and a comfortable experience for a generally not insanely comfortable procedure. Appropriate sterilization of supplies and jewelry in place Would absolutely recommend, and plan to return for any future piercing needs.

Products/Services:Piercing, Tatto
Address:520 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0B1
Phone Number:(403) 369-3380
Google Review:265 Google Star

Tribal Expression

Tribal Expression

Tribal Expression is a precision body modification studio located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada since 2003. Our line of exclusive body jewelry is handmade in-house by our jewelry manufacturing team and goldsmith.

We pride ourselves in our highly trained, amazing staff, our advanced sterilization techniques, and aseptic piercing procedures. 5 Best Body Piercing Places in Calgary provide a variety of services including body piercing, children and baby’s lobe piercing, laser tattoo removal and fading, custom jewelry ordering and crafting, scarification and branding.

Customer Reviews

My 10 year old daughter got her ears pierced today, and we had such an amazing experience! The shop is clearly run in a very precise and professional way, from the front end staff to everyone else we encountered. Everyone was so kind and accommodating, and I had no doubt we were in good hands. Hailey did the piercing, and I do not have enough nice things to say about her.

She was so kind and lovely, and extremely professional and informative.  Body Piercing Places in Calgary She took as much time as she needed to get the markings on my daughter’s ears absolutely perfect, with complete precision and evident experience. I was so impressed with her skill, and it was very clear that she takes pride in her work. She is an absolute star, and because of her, my daughter had a wonderful piercing experience. Thank you so much Hailey, and everyone else at Tribal Expression

Products/Services:Piercing Service, Tatto Service, Jewelry Shop
Address:1026 16 Ave NW #102, Calgary, AB T2M 0K6
Phone Number:(403) 210-2442
Google Review:1,455 Google Star

Heroes & Villains Tattoo & Piercing

Top 5 Body Piercing Places in Calgary

Heroes & Villains was founded in 2009 on the principles of quality work in a laid-back environment We love to have a good time! provide custom tattoos by a number of different, talented artists, all with diverse art styles to suit any of your tattoo desires. We offer American traditional, black and grey realism, black work, new school, just about anything you can think of!

Tattoo consultations are always free.  Best Piercing Places Near Me  All of our piercings are done with beautiful, safe implant grade jewelry. Body Piercing Places in Calgary We have the most experienced body piercer, with over 24 years experience. We also offer scarification, magnetic vision, and are happy to help design & order custom body jewelry.

Customer Reviews

I got my conch pierced and its healing so nicely!!! Ive been to other shops and the healing time and process is PAINFUL, however with this shop I have been able to sleep on the side where I got my piercing and there was any swelling or major pain!

I would definitely recommend this place if you want to get pierced by someone who is 100% honest and tells you everything you need to know in order for your piercing to heal properly and pain free!

Products/Services:Piercing Service, Tatto Service, Jewelry Shop
Address:1528 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0C8
Phone Number:(403) 984-3232
Google Review:388 Google Star

Gypsy Rose Tattoo & Piercing

Body Piercing Places in Calgary

Gypsy Rose opened in March of 2006, with two tattoo artists and one piercer. We have since grown into a new and more central location with a well rounded staff of seven artists and two body piercers! We offer Tattoos and Body Piercing by appointment and walk-in, as long as you produce a piece of valid government issued ID.

​Nina Gremo, the owner/creative genius behind Gypse Rose, began her career in a historical Canadian tattoo studio,  Best Piercing Places Near Me  Way Cool – Queen Street in Toronto in 1999. She has worked and lived locally and internationally and brings together the best of what she learned to create Gypsy Rose.

Since 2006, we have also hosted several successful charitable events and have raised nearly $15,000.00 for the Calgary Food Bank (as well as 3+ tonnes of food and toiletries for donation). We have also raised $5000.00+ for the Calgary Women’s Shelter, ARF, and the Calgary Humane Society. Our City has been great to us and helped us grow to what we are today, and we always want to give back.

Customer Reviews

Incredible tattoo shop! It is extremely clean and professional, but super welcoming. The decor is cute which is a plus. I had a tattoo done with Naia, and she did an AMAZING job. The lines look gorgeous and she captured all of the detail so well. She was so friendly the whole time and made me feel really comfortable, I had so much fun. My next tattoo with her is booked and I am so so excited!

Products/Services:Piercing Service, Tatto Service, Jewelry Shop
Address:3132 26 St NE #102, Calgary, AB T1Y 6Z1
Phone Number:(403) 275-9844
Google Review:451 Google Star